Eric has been entertaining audiences for over twenty years. 

Born and raised just outside of Boston, Eric has been performing since he was in preschool, where he played Santa Claus in the holiday show. He recognized his love for a hobby that would soon become his career when his third grade teacher encouraged him to join a theatre summer camp.

Since then, Eric has built a career in theatre, television, and film. Perhaps best known for being a series regular on the PBS Kids show ZOOM, which was nominated for multiple Daytime Emmy awards, Eric has made appearances on television shows including Legit and Kevin From Work, as well as a number of commercials. Film credits include the indie features Funeral Kings, Counterpunch, and Pause, among others. 

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"The most jaw-dropping — and sidesplitting — appearance in the evening, however, is that of Eric Rollins (who also plays the Devil) as the traditional but now largely censored character of Jim Crow.  An explicitly racist caricature of a bygone era, Rollins performs it replete with an Uncle Tom accent and a distinctly contemporary sense of dignity."

-Bill Raden, StageRaw


Eric’s first love has always been theatre, and he’s been very fortunate to work with various theatre companies over the years. Some of his favorite productions have been Coriolanus with Actors’ Shakespeare Project, understudying for Fences with The Huntington Theatre Company, and Punch and Judy Live! with School of Night, which was nominated for several Hollywood Fringe Festival awards, including Best Ensemble. Eric has also been very fortunate to have worked with many extremely talented directors, including OBIE Award winner Melia Bensussen (Oberon/Theseus, A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Emerson Stage) and Tony Award winner Kenny Leon (Understudy for Cory and Lyons, Fences with The Huntington Theatre Company).


"...kudos to the entire ensemble... and in particular Eric Rollins, who plays a physically imposing if soft-spoken murderer. A high level of stamina and precision was needed, and was achieved."

-Vanessa Cate, StageRaw


An accomplished martial artist, Eric taught Parker Kenpo Karate for 10 years and translated that into stage combat. He was on the faculty of Emerson College helping his mentor teach stage combat, as well as assisting at The A.R.T. Institute at Harvard. Eric has choreographed fights for numerous stage and film productions and has put his fight skills to use many times for the Los Angeles based theatre company, School of Night, performing as the Devil in Punch and Judy Live!, Mortimer in The Faggot King, or The Troublesome Reign and Lamentable Death of Edward The Second, and most recently as Wayne Walton in The Final Girl.


"Eric Rollins is a hell of a lot of fun..."

-Ernest Kearney, The Tvolution